What our clients are saying...

"April is a wonderful listener and brings a compassionate and open presence to her sessions.  She has been a guiding and encouraging light for me in challenging times."
~ E., New Market


"April has helped our family so much.  Working with a special needs family member is very challenging.  Having a person help us set realistic goals for "K" and give us tips on how to implement them is priceless!  Her wisdom and experience have been a real game changer for our whole family."

~ C., Harrisonburg


 “My teenager and I were constantly butting heads and our relationship was deteriorating...  fast. I didn't want to have a permanently strained relationship, it's my only child. I want us to be apart of each other's lives forever. I didn't know what I needed to do to fix our relationship, but I knew I needed to fix it. So I reached out and that's where April at the Adagio House was able to help me. April knew right away where to start...She worked with me on calming myself down and really just taking control of a situation with my own responses and or reactions. It hasn't been easy, especially when I like to react quickly have the last word. But now, my relationship is 100% better. It's not perfect, because we're human, but it's exactly where I was hoping to be....a strong healthy relationship with my child.”

~H., Waynesboro


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