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We are glad you are here.  Wherever you come from, no matter your ability, identity, orientation, or background, we offer a space of transformational welcome. If you are considering meeting with a therapist, please visit our contact page.

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Onsite Respite Care Services

We offer Onsite Respite Care for caregivers’ loved ones. Not only can the caregiver’s loved one have respite during the caregivers therapy session, but we also offer care scheduled throughout the week for up to 1.5 hours at $5 per child. A quiet caregiver respite room is also available to caregivers whose loved one is the client. For a caregiver that needs some time to go grocery shopping, run errands, or just take a moment of rest, this is an incredible opportunity. 

When coming to the Adagio office, caregivers must bring everything the child may need (diapers, snacks, etc.) and must be reachable by a mobile phone and stay within 10 minutes of the property. 

Onsite Respite Care Services may be scheduled by calling 540-746-0345

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