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Coaching Services

Coaching is a process that inspires, creates, and sustains growth. It offers support in times of uncertainty and empowers the connection to and awareness of a person's strengths, values, and abilities.


Coaching services at Adagio House are offered by certified life coach Esther Lipscomb. 

Fee Schedule

Purchase 1 session for $120

Purchase 3 sessions for $300

Purchase 6 sessions for $480

To book an appointment or learn about payment options, call 540-746-0345 or email 

The Details 

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is for those who have cultivated and experienced success and would like accelerated growth and support. 


It is also for those who feel uncertain and stuck, but who know change is needed.

Individual coaching is offered at a self-pay rate based on the number of sessions purchased at one time.

1 session:  $120

3 sessions:  $300

6 sessions:  $480

1st session is half price:  $60

Coaching Circles

Coaching circles are a great place to connect with others who are wanting to grow and facing some of the same challenges as you.


Circles offer a safe space to belong as you begin to feel more hopeful, connected, thoughtful, energized, and informed after each circle.


A coaching circle session costs less than the cost of a private session, and lasts half an hour longer. Most circles meet 6 times for an hour and a half over the course of 3 months.


Attendance is $100 per month, paid in advance.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens. 

Coaching sessions canceled within 24 hours of the appointment may be rescheduled within one week of the original date without any additional fees.

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