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We're glad you are here. Wherever you come from, no matter your ability, identity, orientation, or background, we offer a space of transformational welcome. If you are considering meeting with an Adagio House therapist, please visit our contact page to inquire.

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Insurance & Payment
Self Pay Options
Cancellation Policy

We are in network with several insurance providers and can bill for your session's coverage. All clients are required to have a card on file that will be charged at the beginning of their session.

For those who are un or under-insured, we have options for you. Check out our self pay options for meeting with Licensed Counselors, Residents in Counseling and Graduate Interns.

We understand that life happens and things come up when we least expect them. Find out more about when to cancel to avoid any late cancellation or no show fees or losing your recurring session time.

A Supportive Hug

Therapy Groups

Creating Healing through Connection

As humans we crave connection. Most of us have learned this during this season of COVID how much we miss spending time with friends and loved ones. We offer a variety of therapy groups, virtual and in person, to help individuals connect with others in similar situations or experiences. 

Respite Care Services

Caring for Disabled Loved Ones

We offer Respite Care for caregivers’ disabled loved ones. Not only can the caregiver’s loved one have respite during the caregivers therapy session, but we also offer care scheduled throughout the week onsite and in home. This gives caregivers that much needed time to rest or to run errands when they normally wouldn't have the opportunity. 

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"Over the past six-seven years of my life I have struggled financially at every turn. There have been moments where I could make a partial payment for a session, but the quality of treatment and services that Adagio House offers is more valuable than I could ever pay for honestly. 


I am so happy that I have been able to stay in therapy with April for such a long time as it has significantly helped me to grow and understand myself, my relationships, and my patterns. I personally believe that everyone could benefit from the style of therapy that Adagio House offers."

H., Harrisonburg

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