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Frances Shantz

Respite Coordinator

As the Adagio House Respite Coordinator, I provide compassionate accessible support to caregivers and their loved ones on-site or in-home.


I began my career as a personal health aide for young adults with special needs, where I first encountered the lack of accessibility and many challenges that people with disabilities and their families face. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Psychology from Radford University and provided behavior therapy for kids with Autism, both in-home and in a clinical setting for many years, supporting any number of behavior challenges, communication barriers, sensory needs, and daily care needs.


When I became a mother, I learned first-hand the value of community and family support as I stepped back from my career and worked through our own challenges. I became more versed in positive parenting, early education, and a wide range of children’s interests. I began offering childcare and community support to others as well.


Being a part of the Adagio Team helps me bring my experience and heart of service for the community where it’s needed most! I want you to know your loved ones are in good hands and I’m happy to address any challenges, unique circumstances, or pandemic concerns you have. I aim for your respite care to be accessible, compassionate, and truly restorative.

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