Compassion Fund

For those who are underinsured who cannot afford our sliding fee scale. It is accessed by application only and represents 10-15% of our entire caseload. 

Free and Reduced Fee Sessions

While we bill at $125, we recognize that not everyone has insurance or can afford to pay it out of pocket. We offer a sliding scale for Licensed Professional Counselors, Residents in Counseling, and Graduate interns based on Gross Annual Household income. We also offer free initial consultations for new clients, to make sure they can find their right fit.

Monthly Donors 

Monthly donors are our sustaining partners, allowing us to maintain the compassion fund across time and project how many free and reduced fee sessions we are able to offer in any given year. Our monthly donors become part of our team by making mental health services available to those who otherwise can’t afford it. Donations in any amount make a difference.