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Logo that reads "INTERWOVEN. AN ADAGIO HOUSE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM." The "O" in "Interwoven" contains a drawing of three overlapping petals


A peer mentoring program for people with disabilities. Matching disabled adults with newly diagnosed families of the same disability.

Meet Brian Ringgold

Interwoven Program Director

What We Are

People who live with disabilities, ready to share life experiences and empower others.

What We're Not


Developmental Psychologists

Clinical Counseling

Respite Service

Image of two people holding hands

Our Goal

We seek to create connections and community through a mentor and mentee relationship between the disabled adult and the newly diagnosed child.


Our mentors will not only be empowering the child, but will also encourage their families and caregivers by offering their life experiences and sharing any additional external resources. Each mentor will be sharing their own life experiences, but will also be receiving ongoing trainings throughout their time as a mentor.

How can you get involved?

1. Write or record your story and send it to us
We know that time is precious. You might not have time to participate in our full mentor program, but maybe you’d like to share your story for our disability library, an online database for newly diagnosed families to start learning about disabilities.

2. An online or in-person interview with Brian, telling your story.
Perhaps you have a little more time and would like some guidance on what or how to share. Schedule a recorded interview with Brian, in which the two of you can talk about your life experiences and what you would want newly diagnosed families to know.

3. Sign up to be a mentor (both virtual and

in-person opportunities)

You have time to commit to training and meeting with a mentee and his/her family at least once per month. Let us know! We’ll take down your name and contact information and be in touch when we are ready to begin our first training.

4. Any combination of the above

Record your story, do an interview, sign up to be a mentor… we welcome you to participate in any or all of these ways!

For more information:
Contact Brian Ringgold, 
Program Director

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