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Liza Koonin

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

What I love most about being a clinical social worker and therapist is the opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level. I strongly believe that the connection and trust built between therapist and client is the biggest catalyst towards change and long-term healing. I seek to provide a space that is supportive, affirming and empowering for the diverse individuals coming to Adagio House. I have experience and particular interest in working with the LGBTQ population, the adoption triad and individuals on the Autism Spectrum. I gravitate towards mindfulness-based and somatic healing techniques to facilitate the therapeutic process, such as EFT tapping. I also have experience in the field of child welfare and am an Adoption Competent Therapist through the Center for Adoption Support and Education. 


I am so thrilled to be joining the team of passionate professionals here at Adagio House working together to serve our community. In my personal life, I am grateful to be an adoptive parent to two young human children and three furry ones. In addition to chasing my toddlers, I enjoy studying the Japanese martial art of Aikido, obsessing about cats, spending time outdoors, reading, dancing to Disney/Pixar Soundtracks and movie nights.


Primary Hours: Tues-Fri 9am-5pm

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