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Our Philosophy

Adagio House exists to provide high quality, trauma-informed, attachment-based services to all types of caregivers and their loved ones, regardless of their ability to pay.  We believe our environment  is desirable for all who experience the pain of marginalization and welcome anyone to seek healing here.


We believe healthy relationships are the foundation for a healthy life.  In addition to individual therapy, we run various support groups, a peer mentoring program, and are developing other avenues for our community to create and maintain healthy relationships with one another.


Services provided flow out of an intentional work community of sustainable, holistic care for ourselves, each other, and our world.  Our environment is one of transformational welcome, mutuality, and practical support in which co-workers practice the principles they teach clients.  


We are proud to serve our community as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and intend to sustain our services through fundraisers, fee-for-service, donations, and grants.  We have a small and nimble board of wise individuals who understand the heart of our mission and meet regularly to conduct official business.

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