Our Story

Adagio House was created to care for those who care so wholeheartedly for others. 

There are some therapy options for individuals with disabilities, but no one was focused on caring for their caregivers. Our Executive Director, April, understood the need from a deeply personal space and is working to design a place of unconditional acceptance and practical support.  

Caregivers often don’t have many people they can rely on to provide care in their absence, so we offer therapists who think outside the box to provide a safe space for therapy for people with disabilities, as well as onsite respite care from experienced providers during caregiver’s therapy sessions.  Caregivers and their loved ones often are un- or under- insured, so we accept most major insurance, as well as their respective forms of Medicaid, offer a generous sliding fee scale, and have a Compassion Fund that currently supports an average of $7500/month in free and reduced fee sessions.  

And who doesn’t love a place of unconditional acceptance and practical support?  While our focus continues to be empowering caregivers and the ones they care for, we have grown to serve a broader client base as the need for mental health services has increased throughout the pandemic.  Unconditional acceptance means we welcome everyone here.

Adagio House is a welcoming
community of healing. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

We are a community of healing that welcomes every beautiful individual, just as they are. 


Guided by deep expertise, compassion, lived experiences and a sense of purpose, our team is providing the counseling, care, and space needed to heal those wounded by a lack of belonging.

We are a growing organization, consistently increasing possibilities for our community to access comprehensive care through psychotherapy, holistic wellness, mentoring, sustainable gardening, medical and psychiatric services, psychological testing, and one day a full service inn and retreat center with a farm to table restaurant employing adults with disabilities.