Our Team

April Hepler

Executive Director

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From the time I was in middle school, I knew I would be a counselor, imagining having my own apartment (with a huge, friendly St. Bernard) and working with teenagers.  

Life, as it often does, had other plans for me, and when my son was born with a rare genetic disease that causes developmental disabilities, my professional focus went in an entirely new direction.  

I juggled a family, a part time job, and grad school, and finally graduated from EMU with a Master of Arts in Counseling two full decades after first feeling called to this work. During my counseling residency, I worked for the Secure Child Program in Charlottesville where I received specialized training in attachment therapy.

This attachment work spurred my thinking on attachment and disability… where was the support for caregivers?  Who is there for them when they really need it?  How do we create a space for meaningful connection, free from judgement, that also takes into account the exhaustion and isolation caregivers can experience?  The vision for Adagio House was born.

While my caseload is much smaller now, the work I do every day furthering the vision of Adagio House is informed by my own experiences.  My deep desire is for this space to meet the needs of caregivers and their loved ones for many years to come.

Hannah Hall

Clinical Director

Being the Clinical Director at Adagio House feels like a position that my experiences in life have converged and led me toward. I have spent a number of years both in Harrisonburg and abroad working with communities of people of all abilities and ages. Community oriented living and work is very important to me and how I believe we grow, heal, and find creativity. I have my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Eastern Mennonite University and am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and registered supervisor in Virginia.


I work in a body-based, trauma-oriented way, and believe that through relationships, both with others and ourselves, we can find healing, growth, and see shifts happen in our lives. I love using expressive arts, play therapy, body and emotion awareness, and energy healing techniques in therapy. I have been living in Harrisonburg for over 10 years and love the beauty and community that the valley provides. I enjoy being outside, gardening, yoga, dancing, and goofing off with my husband and three kids.

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Brianna Copeland

Director of Marketing

It was always a dream of mine to be a marketing coordinator of a non-profit as my career. Throughout leadership of justice initiative at James Madison University,  volunteer work with local Shenandoah Valley organizations and a summer internship with the non-profit, Nomi Network, in New York City, I loved being a creative part of furthering the mission of great companies that were making an impact on the world. When I first heard about Adagio House and the work that they did, I knew it would be a perfect fit.

Throughout my teen and early adult years, I volunteered at a summer camp for individuals with disabilities, that also focused on being a place of rest and community for their families and caregivers. I had never fully understood the resilience these caregivers had until that first summer working at the camp, and how misunderstood they felt. Just like at that camp, I believe Adagio House provides a space for community and healing for those parents and caregivers. I love calling Harrisonburg home and enjoy spending my free time exploring local shops and restaurants and running my photography business. 

Pamela Adams

Director of Finance

I have been involved with Adagio House since its inception, first serving on the Board of Directors from 2017 through 2021 and as of March 2021, serving as the Director of Finance. Coming from a small town, I believe in the power of community. I also have a special needs teenager and I know how isolating and overwhelming it can be. I want to support Adagio House in creating a community for all of those who love and care for special needs children.


I have a Bachelor's of Business Administration from James Madison University and I worked as a CPA and Corporate Finance Accountant for over twenty years. In my spare time I love to run on the beautiful trails all around the Shenandoah Valley with my local running group. I am also working on becoming a certified Pilates instructor.

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Cody Woodburn

Licensed Profesional Counselor

Life presents us all with challenges, troubles and uncertainty. At times we don't have the resources, support or understanding to navigate or cope with these difficulties and anxiety, depression and other mental health difficulties arise. Working together we can examine your life difficulties, develop understanding of what is meaningful to you and allow your meaning to be our guide and inspiration towards your fulfillment, resolution and well-being.


I provide in-person and telehealth counseling for individuals having difficulty coping with life circumstances, especially life transitions, and for individuals in all stages of life, with additional experience working with teenagers and older adults. I provide counseling from an existential perspective and have great respect for how an individual experiences their world and assisting individuals in making sense of their world.

I became licensed in August 2020 following the completion of my counseling residency prior to which I received my Master of Arts in Counseling from Eastern Mennonite University in 2017 and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from James Madison University. I deeply enjoy being a part of the collaboration and space held for clients to get the specific help they need here at Adagio House! I find meaning through being challenged by books, music and movies, watching sports and spending time with my dog and cat.  

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Casey Hurren

Resident in Counseling

The human experience is a very complex journey, and everyones is so unique and different. I have always held dear to my heart the journeys that people have shared with me in wanting to value, hold, encourage, and walk alongside others in support through what they are experiencing. It is an honor.

The work that I find myself gravitating towards with individuals is expressive arts while working from an attachment and person-centered lens. Art can be a powerful tool to express oneself, especially when one cannot find the words to express what they are going through. Many of my experiences have been with younger children and adolescence. I find much delight in their views of the world, their wanting to learn and explore, and growing through play.


I am grateful to be working at Adagio House. It has shown to be a place of warmth, kindness, community and acceptance in everyone. In 2018 I graduated from EMU with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I love going for walks and hikes, cooking, making art, playing board games and loving on my mischievous (but loveable) cat, Dexter! 

Kristina Blakely

Resident in Counseling

I was drawn to the counseling field after almost 15 years of working as a Social Worker in the Mental Health field. One aspect that I found missing in my work was that I longed to have the training/skills to connect with people on a deeper level; where their hurts, trauma and/or brokenness was lodged. I decided to return to school and obtained my Master’s in Counseling from EMU in 2017.

I feel so fortunate to be a part of Adagio House where I feel a sense of genuine care for all people at whatever part they are in the journey of life. I love the fact that Adagio House was created to support care givers as well as individuals with disabilities that are often marginalized in our society. I love that Adagio House is open to ALL individuals who want to come.


I believe that all of us are doing the best we can in any given moment and that we all are all on our own journey. I believe in meeting people where they are in their journey and to walk alongside, through the ups and downs, joys and sorrows. I believe we are all relational beings and so in our society, so many people feel alone. I feel honored to be able to navigate this sacred space together with those I sit with.

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Stephanie Moorehead

Resident in Counseling

Hi! I am a Resident in Counseling and I specialize in working with individuals who have experienced trauma and struggle with anxiety and depression. However, I see all kinds of individual struggles. I look at the whole person and work with your strengths and passions to help you reach your goals and feel like the best version of yourself. I take a "BioPsychoSocial" approach to therapy; meaning I look at how the mind, body, and environment all influence each other. I may use psychoeducation, thought reframing, lifestyle evaluation, and perspective in my approach to working with you. 

I first started working with Adagio House as a Graduate student Intern and I loved the environment and mission so much I have stayed committed to the organization into my Residency. I grew up in Maryland but came to the Shenandoah Valley for my Undergraduate studies and fell in love with the area, so I decided to stay. I've since worked in Community mental health and helped those with severe mental illness learn skills to maintain independence.

Janie Beitzel

Care Coordinator

I have been blessed with a heart for working with children and families. I have been the director of Mt. Top Youth for Christ in the Garrett county, Maryland and Somerset county, Pennsylvania areas.  While there I ran several programs of gym nights in local high schools for any and all kids in that high school and community.  I ran a bible quiz program for approximately 200 kids and during that time my husband and I served as Youth Sponsors for approximately 30 kids at our local church.

After that I was Community Service Restitution Director in Allegany County, Maryland for the Juvenile Services, for the State of Maryland for 12 years.  Upon my arrival in Virginia I was a Foster care/Adoption Specialist for Shenandoah Valley Social Services.  Then I performed Therapeutic Day Treatment in an area school for Family Preservation Services.


 In these roles, I have worked with both the child and the family and have left a piece of my heart with each person I have had the privilege to serve.  Here at Adagio House, I’m privileged to be a resource for the clients in meeting any needs that they struggle with and in the process get to continue sharing my heart.  That’s why I do what I do here.

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Adrienne Baker

Graduate Intern

I am a current graduate student in my final semester of the Mental Health Counseling program with University of the Cumberlands and a counseling intern with Adagio House.


Adagio House seemed to be an ideal internship placement for me as their mission was to serve caregivers and individuals with disabilities, and I have worked in the field of vocational rehabilitation counseling for the last 9.5 years, supporting individuals with disabilities in achieving their employment goals.  When I was first hired for the vocational counselor position back in 2011, my supervisor told me the job will redefine my meaning of "success,” and the best part of my job has been supporting clients with achieving their goals towards independence and celebrating each milestone and each success as they come. I am passionate about working with individuals and their families to explore options, access resources, and provide support in meeting their goals.


Since beginning my internship, it seems that Adagio House continues to grow in scope, and it has been a wonderful experience to work with individuals and families to meet their different counseling needs.  Adagio House provides a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere for counseling and is an important community resource as sliding scales and counseling interns and residents make mental health services more accessible.  I am inspired by the Adagio House vision, and I am grateful for Adagio House’s presence in our community and for the opportunity to work with an amazing team of caring, competent, and empathetic individuals!

Samantha Haling

Graduate Intern

I am a graduate intern and soon-to-be resident in counseling with a combined Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Educational Specialist degree from James Madison University. At Adagio House, I offer in-person and virtual counseling for children, adolescents and adults.


I take a trauma-informed, person-centered approach that is guided by my deep belief in the power of people to heal and grow in the context of a safe and nurturing relationship. While working to create a warm and supportive counseling environment, I also use a range of techniques, including mindfulness, play therapy and narrative.


I feel grateful to be part of the team at Adagio House that cares so deeply about honoring people's experiences and supporting caregivers and others in the community.

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Therapy Doggo in Training

Hello new friend! My name is IndigoBlu, but all of my Adagio Friends call me Indie. I am a 1 1/2 year old golden retriever, but don't let my size fool you, I'm a gentle giant! I come from the Colebrook Golden Retrievers and I had my manners training through the Balanced Dog Program. 

When I meet new friends, I get so excited and want to go say hello immediately. If I surprise you and you don't want to interact with me, please feel free to tell me no and the human with me will help me take a step back. I am not affected by loud noises or sudden movements, making me a great future therapy doggo for children and adults with disabilities. 


I love being a part of the Adagio House team and meeting new friends every single day. I'm looking forward to taking an obedience training class after the pandemic. In my free time, I love playing with my 2 human brothers and sister and hanging out with my cat friends.