Our Team


April Hepler, LPC

Executive Director

My deep desire is for this space to meet the needs of caregivers and their loved ones for many years to come.


Pamela Adams

Director of Finance

I want to support Adagio House in creating a community for all of those who love and care for special needs children. 


Cody Woodburn

Licensed Professional Counselor

I deeply enjoy being a part of the collaboration and space held for clients to get the specific help they need here at Adagio House!


Liza Koonin

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I strongly believe that the connection and trust built between therapist and client is the biggest catalyst towards change and long-term healing.


Samantha Haling

Resident in Counseling

I believe in the power of people to heal and grow in the context of a safe, nurturing relationship.


Janie Beitzel

Care Coordinator

I have been blessed with a heart for working with children and families.


Alyssa Burkholder

Graduate Intern

I want to provide a safe space to process feelings, foster growth, and invite healing.


Robin Fletcher

Graduate Intern

My goal as a counselor is to join with you on your path and meet you exactly where you are.


Frances Shantz

Respite Coordinator

I provide compassionate accessible support to caregivers and their loved ones on-site or in-home.


Emily Mangan

Graduate Intern

I have enormous compassion for those going through life’s challenges and transitions and feel very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your journey.



Therapy Doggo-in-Training

I love being a part of the Adagio House team and meeting new friends every single day.


Michael Horst, PhD, NCC

Resident in Counseling

Together, we can navigate what lies ahead in transformative and healing ways.


Hannah Hall, LPC

Clinical Director

I love using expressive arts, play therapy, body and emotion awareness, and energy healing techniques in therapy. 


Brianna Copeland

Director of Marketing & Fundraising

It was always a dream of mine to be a marketing coordinator of a non-profit as my career.


Jason Lichti

Licensed Professional Counselor

I look at the counseling relationship as joining with people on a journey.


Casey Hurren

Resident in Counseling

The human experience is a very complex journey, and everyones is so unique and different.