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Casey's Corner - Weeding through Worries

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Are you get ready for summer camp, but worried about being away from home? Did you just have soccer tryouts and are nervous not knowing if you made it on the team? Have you been working hard in your job, but still haven't received that promotion?

Today on Casey’s Corner, Casey is walking us through a Weeding through Worries activity from Dr. Sharie Coombes book “No Worries.” This exercise helps children (and adults alike!) create a visual representation of what is worrying them but also using creative thinking skills on how to put a fight against those worry weeds.

You can find Dr. Sharie Coombes "No Worries" here:

Downloadable jpgs of both the "Worry Weed" and the "Weed Killer" can be found below:

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