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Respite Services

We understand all that it takes to be a caregiver and want to provide you with an opportunity to rest. Adagio House offers scheduled, quality care with a trained companion who will keep your disabled loved one safe and happy until you return. 

What We Offer

During Session Care
$10 - $20 / per session*

Compassionate care while their caregiver is in a therapy session with an Adagio House therapist. This service is limited to the time the caregiver is in their session. Any additional respite care needed will be an additional cost and needs to be discussed 48 hrs in advance  with the Respite Coordinator.

Onsite Care
$20 - $40/ per hour*

Up to 1.5 hours of quality care in the physical Adagio House respite space during our operating hours. Caregiver must stay within a 10 minute radius of the Adagio property in case of emergency. 

In-Home Care
$25 - $45 / per hour*

A time of social engagement for the disabled individual in their own space for a minimum of 3 hours during daytime office hours. The caregiver must remain within a 30 min radius of the home, and must return 10 min before the scheduled end time so the respite provider can update them on how the time was with their loved one.

*Respite is available only as private self pay based on a sliding fee scale

What about

Multiple Provider Services

For In-Home Respite Care, if the disabled individual also has a sibling in the home, we will provide a separate provider to work alongside the sibling. We recognize even though the sibling isn't disabled, they face their own unique needs growing up with a disabled sibling. 

Any need for sibling care must be brought up in the initial consultation and additional paperwork will need to be filled out.  


The Specifics

What We Do

Serve disabled individuals

Thoughtful Play

Social Engagement 

Healthy Relationship Building

What We Aren't


Medical Care


Long/Overnight Care

Inquire About Respite Services

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What's Next?

1. Once we receive your inquiry, our Office Manager will call you to schedule your free 15 min virtual consultation. 

2. After your consultation, you will be sent all the necessary paperwork so we can better understand your disabled loved ones needs. All paperwork should be emailed back to the Office Manager at

3. Once your paperwork is received, the Office Manager will call you to schedule your Respite Service.* 

*All Respite Services must be scheduled at least 48 hrs in advance and will only occur during our office operating hours.

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