Robin Fletcher

Graduate Intern

Each of us arrived here without choice concerning the life we were born into. Making sense of how our past experiences and external influences have shaped us into who we are today allows us to gain agency in our daily lives and relationships. I believe that each person holds inherent wisdom and an internal striving towards growth and health. My goal as a counselor is to join with you on your path and meet you exactly where you are. Together we can cultivate a safe, compassionate environment where you are free to explore, to grieve, to feel, to grow and to heal.


My counseling approach is rooted in humanistic, interpersonal process, attachment and self compassion theories. I also frequently pull in expressive arts, mindfulness, guided imagination/metaphor and narrative techniques. 


As an intern at Adagio House, I provide in person and telehealth services for all ages. I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Eastern Mennonite University. In my free time I can be found singing in a band, out in the woods identifying wildflowers, or creating braided rugs at home by the woodstove.