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We offer a variety of topical seminars, trainings, and professional development at our place or yours.  Each one is offered in a half- or whole-day format.


1) Self-care:  much more complex than having a glass of wine in the evening to unwind, true self-care involves thoughtful intentionality.  In this experiential seminar, we will explore attainable methods of self-care that can be embedded in any lifestyle.


2) Grief and loss:  sometimes grief shows up in unexpected places.  This in-depth seminar invites personal reflection on various ways grief affects our lives and how to continue living with its presence.


3)  Secondary trauma and compassion fatigue:  caregivers are often called upon to hold space in the most difficult places.  Our seminar explores compassion fatigue and secondary trauma as well as giving tools to work through them in order to thrive.


4)  Trauma and relationships:  many forms of trauma impact who we are and how we relate with those around us.  This seminar provides current research on the neurobiology of trauma and how that plays out in our relationships, as well as inviting new ways of noticing each other to help bring safety and healing.


5)  Liminal space:  transitions provide opportunity for us to recreate a life we love.  In this introspective seminar, we will create space to reflect on who we are as individuals and what we value that will allow us to emerge from liminal spaces more open and peaceful.


6)  Attachment 101:  what attachment really is might surprise you.  This seminar looks at the foundations of John Bowlby's attachment theory and explores the patterns we find ourselves in when we relate with those we love.




It is our desire to make workshops accessible to any type of organization.  As a general guideline, please plan to pay $25 per person for a half day training, and $75 per person for a full day training.  These rates are negotiable based on group size, location, and services provided.  For example, prices would be higher for locations outside of Harrisonburg, as well as for Adagio House hosting and providing food for the event. 



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