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Thanks for your interest!  Our subscription program is non-voting, and includes great perks!  


$50 per month subscription includes:


  • Our free monthly newsletter, filled with useful info such as upcoming events and caregiving tips
  • Access to our members only Facebook Group where you can interact with other caregivers, as well as resource people from Adagio House
  • One free 30 minute phone call per month outside of session, scheduled in advance
  • 20% off when you schedule and pay for 3 or more sessions per month in advance.  Sessions can be rescheduled within the month as times are available, but will not roll over into the next month
  • 20% off the registration fee for retreats
  • One free group session per month per member (if a couple attends a group, and only one is a member, the fee will be cut in half for the couple).  This does NOT include special time-limited groups such as the Caregivers Dream Circle.


No member is required to participate in any aspect of the subscription service.  For instance, if you do not wish to be part of the Facebook Group, being a member in no way obligates you to do so.


Additionally, you do not need to subscribe to receive our monthly newsletter.


Please note that if you do join the Facebook Group, others in the group will know you are a client with Adagio House.  As with our normal group sessions, Facebook Grooup members will be asked to keep names and descriptive information about other groups members confidential,and conversations and comments will be required to remain kind and respectful.


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