Empowering Care

Can't make it in to the office?  Adagio House is offering sessions via secure video conference for anyone in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

At Adagio House, we recognize that community is core to everyone's health and wellbeing. When an individual is marginalized because of the way they are born, the pain that results is deep and lasting — for the individual affected as well as their loved ones and caregivers. Adagio House is a space of healing and community for everyone who has suffered the pain of marginalization. ALL are welcomed and valued here. Our clients come from a diverse range of ages, genders, sexual orientations, races or ethnicities, religions, marital statuses, mental and physical abilities, and socio-economic background.  We provide mental health, community, and caregiver support services, including counseling services, online support groups, and onsite respite care. 

                     Please email april@adagiohouse.org to make an appointment.                

What We Do

Holistic care offered in an environment of kindness and welcome

Individual Counseling

Life's challenges offer us opportunities for growth and becoming


From professionals, to parents, to spouses, we offer groups for many types of caregivers 

Skilled caregiving

Onsite care for your loved one is available during your appointment

Seminars and Trainings

We offer half and full day workshops and professional development on topics ranging from secondary trauma to self-care 

Clinical Supervision 

Both individual and group supervision is offered for residents in counseling across Virginia.  Email april@adagiohouse.org for more information

Resource Connections

Our Care Coordinator can help you find additional local resources that may be useful for you and your loved ones. 

Adagio House is proud to serve the Shenandoah Valley as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.


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